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Logitech Launches New Mechanical Keyboard




The mechanical keyboard. The loud clacks of the keys being pressed down.

Every nerd loves that sound. Every nerd loves that feeling.

Logitech G, a brand of Logitech dedicated to creating high performance gaming gear, just announced the Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and a new mechanical gaming switch option, GX Blue.

The Logitech G512 is a high-performance mechanical gaming keyboard built on the award-winning design of the G413 and G513. The keyboard offers three different key switch choices – Tactile, Linear and the new GX Blue. The introduction of the GX Blue key switch, which will also be available on the Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, further expands their lineup of mechanical key switches.

We’re excited to bring more choice to gamers,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming. “With three different mechanical switch choices now on our Logitech G512 and G513 keyboards, gamers can pick the switch profile and experience they want.”

The Logitech G512 and G513 will offer three key switches to fit personal player preferences. Select from Tactile, Linear, or the new GX Blue key switch. The Tactile key switch provides discernible actuation for gamers who prefer direct feedback while the Linear version delivers a smooth keystroke. The new GX Blue key switch provides audible “click” feedback during actuation, for snappy actuation you can feel and hear.

Powered by Logitech G’s LIGHTSYNC technology, the Logitech G512 takes RGB lighting to the next level. Light and animation effects can be customized across approximately 16.8 million colors with four lighting zones using the free Logitech Gaming Software (LGS).

The Logitech G512 features an anodized and brushed aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum top case for a slim, premium design with rigid durability. An integrated USB cable connects the USB 2.0 passthrough port to its own input for 100% power throughout.

In addition, Logitech G also announced that it will be providing early access to a new software experience named G Hub. Still in early stages of development, our eventual aim with G Hub is to create a software experience that provides the same functionality and benefits of Logitech Gaming Software, but with a modern, easy-to-use interface and enhanced capabilities. By opening this early access experience to the community, we hope to gather feedback that will help us to make the G Hub experience even better.

The Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with a choice of Tactile, Linear or GX Blue key switches is expected to be available on and at select retailers in Asia Pacific beginning June 2018 for a suggested retail price of $99.99. The Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with GX Blue key switches is expected to be available in the United States, Canada and select countries in Europe beginning June 2018 for a suggested retail price of $149.99. The G Hub early access is expected to be available in July 2018.


AppOnboard Studio Available for Free




AppOnboard Studio, the codeless app development software that empowers anyone to design, build and publish their instant apps, playable ads and prototypes all in the same day, is now globally available for anyone to download and get started for free.

“Today is an exciting day for the thousands of people who pre-registered and will now get their hands on AppOnboard Studio as it rolls out globally and is available to everyone,” announced Jonathan Zweig, CEO, AppOnboard.

Since 2017, AppOnboard Studio has enabled the creation of thousands of instant apps and playable ads for top gaming and app developers like Kabam, Glu Mobile, Jam City, Huuuge Games, FoxNext, Zynga, Outfit7, Game Insight, Wargaming, Seriously, Kongregate, NCSOFT, Big Fish Games and Mammoth Media among others. Today, the same tool used by the biggest developers in the world is now globally available to every developer and is free to build and publish your first instant app.

Earlier this year, AppOnboard opened the waitlist for the AppOnboard Studio early access program at the Game Developers Conference. During this program, many excited developers signed up and began to design and build their instant apps within minutes, something previously they couldn’t do given available tools. “We are amazed by the speed at which instant apps can be created with AppOnboard Studio and are excited by the announcement today that this tool will now be available to every developer in the world,” said Ben Frenkel, Product Manager at Google.

Many of the developers participating in the early access program had previously only built apps for iOS and utilized AppOnboard Studio to build instant apps for Google Play that could help them measure user interest before investing the engineering resources to develop their main app for Google Play. “The instant app we built with AppOnboard Studio helped us to quickly realize the potential and excitement for our game on the Google Play Store. With 10,000 daily pre-registrations, we were confident that developing an Android version of Ocean Reef Life was worthwhile. We have now launched on the Google Play Store and have seen amazing early success!” said Paulo Brandao, founder of Superheart Studios.

All new creators have also been empowered to build instant apps for the first time ever with AppOnboard Studio, where ideas for brand new apps have also found their way to the Google Play Store and moved into pre-registration.

“With just initial art assets and a vision for what we wanted our product to become, we were able to design and build an interactive version of Kingdoms of Solitaire that gave players a true sense of the game experience long before we wrote the first line of code. AppOnboard Studio saved us many hours, development costs, and months of development time and resources and we were able to launch our idea into pre-registration onto the Google Play store in a matter of days.” Ron Shellhamer, Megu Games, CEO

“AppOnboard Studio was designed early on to be the simplest and fastest way for anyone with an idea, even non-coders, to build an instant app and launch on Google Play,” said Bryan Buskas, COO, AppOnboard. “At its core, it was designed to unleash the incredible app ideas that have previously faced barriers of cost and time of app development and finally make them possible.”

Previously, this tool has only been available to registered partners of AppOnboard’s early access program. Today, any developer can download AppOnboard Studio at and get started building and designing their instant app for free.


Have you tried AppOnboard Studio? What platforms do you use for development? Tell us in the comments!

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Kite Added to Linux for Python Developers




Kite, the AI Autocomplete for Python that eliminates repetitive coding tasks, today announced that it has added Linux support for Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian, Fedora, Archlinux, Linux Mint in response to community feedback. Now, Python developers who code in Linux environments can be even more productive writing software using their favorite code editors.

“At Kite, our goal is to help developers create better programs in less time. Linux is beloved by programmers around the world, so we’re thrilled to add Linux support to empower open source developers to write code faster using our predictive Line-of-Code Completion technology.” – Adam Smith, CEO and Founder, Kite

On the heels of a $17 million Series A round, Kite is driving the AI-assisted coding frontier ahead by enabling developers to complete full lines of Python code faster by using autocomplete suggestions—similar to Smart Compose in Gmail. Instead of copying and pasting from StackOverflow, writing boilerplate code, and repeatedly fixing simple errors, Python programmers can use Kite to build transformative applications with less hassle.

(Photo Courtesy of FossBytes)

Since Kite debuted its new Line-of-Code Completions engine in January, users have doubled their use code completions while coding. By improving its type inference engine to allow for completions while typing in the middle of a name, Kite increased the number of code completions shown to users by 40%. This resulted in users choosing Kite’s Line-of-Code Completions twice as often as before.

Kite announced the Linux support news at PyCon, the largest Python user conference, where they are exhibiting to demonstrate how developers can use Kite to eliminate repetitive work and reach peak coding productivity in Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.

Developers can try Kite for free via the company’s website.

Are you a Python developer? Have you used Kite? Let us know in the comments!

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